A National Research Program Funded by the U. S. Army

Understanding the neuroscience of substance abuse

The IMN Programs will be comprised of collaborative, multidisciplinary teams of leading scientists and individual investigators from a group of world-class research institutions. more

Addiction and the brain

Substance abuse and PTSI.  A very significant incidence of Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) and major depression is now being seen among veterans and active duty military personnel. These diagnoses are strongly impacted by high frequencies of comorbid Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders (AUDs and SUDs). 

Searching for new treatments.  The impact of comorbid AUDs/SUDs is magnified through their interference with treatment regimens for comorbid PTSI, major depression, and other psychological health conditions.  Research programs of the Institute for Molecular Neuroscience (IMN) will be designed to accelerate development of new, medication-based treatments to mitigate the impact of AUDs and SUDs. more

Building research teams

The objective of the IMN is to ultimately bring together multidisciplinary teams and investigators, including basic, translational, and clinical scientists, into cooperative and synergistic working groups...

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Objectives and strategy

The goals of program teams at the IMN will be to identify and develop new medications and protocols for treatment of AUDs/SUDs in the military/veteran context. A two-step approach will be implemented...

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Impacting readiness

ASUDs present a significant cost to the military and complicate the treatment of PTSD and related conditions. Successful identification of medications to treat ASUDs would decrease costs to the military ...

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